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QMail v.3 for Pocket PC FAQ 
(in the process of creation AND translation).
Great news - QMail now supports HTML
on PPC2002, WM2003/2003SE devices! Be sure to download latest Nightly Build.

1. Downloading and installation.

>HERE< you will find an automatic Japanese-to-English translation of the developer's site.

>HERE< you will find a document on macro commands for QMail2 - identical for QMail3.
Be sure to read new manual >HERE<.

QMail is a freeware mail program for Pocket PC (as well as PPC2002, Windows Mobile 2003, HandheldPC etc., and even a desktop version!). QMail supports POP3, SMTP, SSL, IMAP, NNTP, RSS channels! There is an integration with Contacts - with quick context search by name, surname, e-mail fields. It works even in Cyrillic! So forget about Inbox, let's start using QMail.

On the download page you will find three tables.The first one contains links for downloading the most current "stable" build. The second one (Nightly Build) contains last "in-the-process" build, you may wish to try it out at your own risk. The third table contains links for downloading additional SSL-modules (you may want not to install them if you do not plan to work via SSL).
Download and unzip a correct version, then simply copy all files to a manually created program directory (on iPAQs I suggest using iPAQ File Store to save main storage memory). Create mail folder (you may choose Storage card as well as main memory). If you choose main memory, then Active Sync will automatically backup the whole base (you do use backup feature, don't you?)
Run .exe file (it's good idea to create a shortcut in \Windows\Start Menu\Programs, then bind it to the "Mail" device button).

2. Upgrading to new version.

Download and unzip new version. Replace all program modules on your Pocket PC with the new ones.

Every time program starts, QMail checks for some files in mail directory. If they do not exist, they will be created; otherwise, files remain intact (even if their structure was updated in new version). So you may manually delete some files (see list below) not fearing that you may loose some settings or data:

(look for these files in ..\Profiles folder)


and all files in ..\Templates subfolders.

Other .xml files contain user settings, so there is no need to delete or replace them.

3. How to create a mail account and import messages from desktop programs.

When you are creating a new account, you can decide on messages storing methods - as separate files (one file per message) or as a single or multi-volime base.Block size option for the index and base files is a way to limit the files' sizes - if the file should become bigger, system creates another file. It is good idea to use this option when storing mail on Storage Card, because big files can decrease program's performance (slow read/write operations with flash memory).

If you want to export your mail from desktop program (The Bat!, for example) to QMail3, then save your messages as *.msg-files, rename them all to *.txt, copy them to your device (in some subfolder in \My Documents). Start QMail - File - Import, Path=your folder with *.txt-files, add \*.txt at the end of the path (important!). Press OK. That should do.

There is also great option File - Maintenance - Dump. Choose an empty directory - QMail3 dumps the whole mail base there, completely with folder structure and one file per message. Then you can use Load command  to load the whole base to the program again (say, a restore action, or in another account created) - the folder structure and e-mails are recreated as they were during the Dump command.

4. Some registry tweaks.

If you want QMail to invoke automatically every time you tap a 'mailto:' link in Pocket IE, you should change some things in registry (as you may guess!)

\HKCR\mailto\Shell\Open\Command - rename Default to Default_old. Create new string value Default, then set it to "\full path\to the program\QMail\q3u.exe" -s "%1" (do not forget quotation marks!)

Use the next tweak if you do not want Inbox to start in the background every time you put your device in the cradle for syncing.

\HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shell\Event\Dock\Inbox - rename command to command_old.

5. Working with RSS channels.

Run QMail. Tool - Account - Add Account.
Name - RSS (for example)
Class - rss
Incoming protocol - RSS
Press OK.
Again press OK (in the upper right corner of the screen).
You will see that a new account appeared in the list - again press OK.
You will see RSS folder (if there's no folder list, choose View - Show Controls - Show Folder).
Double tap RSS to expand it's folder structure, then tap and hold RSS, choose Create...
Choose a name for new channel in the Name field (Football, for instance), press OK.
Tap URL - press Edit, then input channel's address (http://news.yandex.ru/football.rss, for example) - then press OK.
Again press OK.
You have just created RSS/Football folder. Press Sync button to get RSS information.

6. Custom rules.

Just a couple of hints.

@Contain (From and 'mail@qqq.xx') - applies a rule to all messages from sample address mail@qqq.xx

@Passed (7) - applies a rule for all messages older than 7 days (replace with number of days you like).

7. Working with NNTP (news groups).

Tap Tools - Accounts - Add Account.
Name = News (for example)
Class = news
Leave other settings by default (NNTP), but I recommend set Message box = single file and set some value for a Block size of base and index files (2Mb or so) - it is good when you store your mail data on Storage Card - to improve performance.
Press OK.
Then set Host Information - Incoming = NNTP server, for example ddt.demos.su. I did not change other settings - these are the only ones you need to start receiving news.
On the "Advanced" tab check "Connect receive host before send".
Press OK. You have just created a news account. Press OK one more time.
Then you should create one folder for every newsgroup.

Expand News folders structure (if you can not find it, tap View - Show Controls - Show Folders). Tap and hold News -> Create.
Name= group name, for example fido7.ru.magic.
Press OK.
Press Sync button, you receive some messages (depends on the sync filter in Account properties - Advanced. NNTP All is for receiving complete messages. You can also change this default behaviour for every single group by changing Sync filter mode in Tool - Options - Go Round).

8. E-mail sync filters.

? To load messages newer than X days from a POP3-server:
! Tool - Options - Sync Filters - Add.
Name - any name for our new mail filter, NewOnly for example.
Press Add.
Condition = @Passed(x) - replace x with number of days - you will get every e-mail newer than that number.
Action = Ignore (POP3, NNTP)
Tap OK 3 times to close all windows.
Tool - Account - (select your mail account) - Property.
Tap Advanced tab, then choose created NewOnly filter in Sync Filter box.
Tap OK 2 times.
The next time you will check for new e-mails, QMail will skip all messages older than number of days selected (older messages will remain on the server).

9. Other FAQs.

? Why am I receiving copies of sent messages?

! Your e-mail is automatically being copied to the Bcc: field, so you can see every sent message on your desktop mail program. You can override this default behaviour in Tool - Options - Edit2 - Bcc to myself.

? To delete messages from server after you move them to Trash folder:

! There is no way (currently) to fully automate this task. The first solution is to mark these messages as "deleted" - Msg - Mark - Mark Deleted. The next time you sync with the mail server, this message will be deleted from server (but it remains in QMail folder, the "deleted" mark is cleared). The second solution gives us some automation.Tap Tool - Options - Rules - Add.
Choose your e-mail account, Folder = Trash. Tap Add.
Condition = @True()
Action = Apply
Macro = @Deleted(@True())
Tap OK 2 times.
Make sure not to delete messages from Trash folder (manually or by means of other rules) BEFORE applying this rule and syncing account with POP3-server.
Tap OK.
So that how it works. You get some e-mails, delete unneded messages to Trash, tap Msg - Apply Rules. Then sync with the server again to delete messages fron server mailbox. Then you may empty Trash folder.

? How to access some other encodings?

! Tap Tools - Options - Misc. You can edit encodings list, delete unneeded ones and add some more useful for you - koi8-r, Windows-1251 just to name a few.

All options marked with a '*' symbol are only effective after program restart!

? Can you add an option to use (or not to use) the same encoding as in the original letter when reply? When I reply, encoding of result message is utf-8. Original letter is in koi8-r. Default encoding is windows-1251.

! Edit reply.template and add Content-Type with charset parameter which you want to use, then the specified charset will be used.
For example:
{@If(@Set('charset', @FieldParameter('Content-Type', 'charset')) @Concat('Content-Type: text/plain; charset=', $charset),'')}
Because this macro doesn't care about multipart messages, so it doesn't work well if the original message has an attachment. If you need to handle those messages, you can write your macro based on this.

? Auto Pilot settings.

! Tool -> Options -> Go Round -> Add...
Name = name of activity, for example Check my Mail.
Tap Add..., select account, subaccount (if any) and folder (if you have POP/SMTP account, then select Inbox).
Set operation mode - send/receive or both, filtering and so on. Tap OK.
If you want to check more folders/accounts within this activity, tap Add... again and repeat previuos step.
Press OK.
You will notice your created activity name in the list.
You can make another activity - tap Add... again.
So you can set, for example, mail check (several mailboxes) as first activity, and news/RSS check as second activity. This comes handy, because each activity created in Go Round can be programmed to be carried out at different times.
Select Auto Pilot.
Tap Add...
Select one of created activities as a Course, (Check my Mail, for example). Set time interval (in minutes). Tap OK.
If you have created several activities, tap Add... again to set intervals for them. You may add here only activities you want to automate.
Tap OK to exit Options window and set your Auto Pilot to work: Tool -> Auto Pilot.

FAQ (c) 2005 Azol

QMail3 program (c) by Satoshi Nakamura

last changed: 27.10.2005